Public Safety Dispatcher
Multitasking: Handling business phone lines, 9-1-1 calls, police traffic , dispatching fire and ambulance-
by RAMIREZ59 March 16, 2007
A sexual maneuver in which you deep throat a girl while fingering her cunt with one hand and her asshole with the other.
"He really is good at multitasking."
"Yes, I see bright things in his future."
by the letter d August 26, 2007
Driving in two lanes at once on a freeway
There was a traffic jam on Washington St. because a grandma was multitasking.
by multitasker February 18, 2007
The act of drinking, AND driving at the same time.
"Dude, this guy is swerving all over the place, he must be Multi-Tasking."

"I bet that fucker that got in a wreck was Multi-Tasking"

Beaux: "Nah man, let me have one more beer before we leave."
Mcclintock: "Oh it's cool.. we'll just Multi-Task on the way there dude."

Booze Cruising

Driving While Intoxicated
by Mcclintock Beaux June 23, 2009
Screwing a woman and shooting a bad guy at the same time.
After audiences complained that James Bond movies were getting too long, directors decided that he should start multitasking.
by Bob Sacamano December 11, 2004
sitting on the toilet at 2 am breast feeding your baby.
Tyler told his wife that if she was smart she would consider multitasking.
by M White Balls October 08, 2004
term originating from Guelph, Ontario. Verb: to masturbate repeatedly while performing some other task ie. watching tv, vacuuming, buchering, jennying, etc.
I spent the day multi-tasking and can't feel my arm.
I love multi-tasking.
Women are good at multi-tasking.
by amankatgall August 25, 2006
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