When some one farts and sneezes , coughs , laughs at the same time, I own the phrase " multitasking".
Susie laughs and farts at the same time and Matt shouted "hay your multitasking"
by Mctable July 30, 2011
The act of doing more than one thing at once.
This is an act normally done by women, but some men have been known to do this too.
Multitasking is playing on your PS3, watching M*A*S*H* all on the one Television screen, while you are texting a mate.
by Khrampey March 19, 2010
Doing anything else while playing Tetris
Will is multitasking, walking and playing tetris
by tickwogh March 19, 2007
an excuse for not paying attention while wacking off.
Sorry i didn't answer your message, I was busy multitasking.
by Katty p September 21, 2009
to do more than 1 thing at a time
put the bag of cheetos on ur head and blow me, so i can watch tv, get head, and eat all at once, now thats multitasking
by andy48066 June 26, 2010
having a threesome with two maltese girls
Yo guys I just had this amazing multitasking session with these two fine girls
by amm123 September 30, 2009
Code for jerking off. Spanking the monkey. To beat your meat.
"Where'd Jonny go?"
"He's multitasking"
"Dude that's fucking nasty"
by Jahead4life July 12, 2009

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