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Someone who can listen to his iPod, read the newspaper, and even answer the phone while sitting on the toilet.
Bitchy wife: Demetri! Get down here right now and help me with these dishes!
Multitasker husband: Sorry Maud, I can't right now-- I'm multitasking
by ElvisJumpsNine March 18, 2010
a person who completes a multitude of tasks, or does many jobs; a factotum
My wife was the quintessential multitasker; she worked at the local sperm bank as a taste tester, worked street corners at night to supplement the family income, and polished my pork sword every night without protest!
by weave July 11, 2003
A person who deals with more than one task at the same time.
John is reading a book as well as cooking food for his son and cleaning the refrigerator. he is a multitasker.
by shraddha_queen October 21, 2015
A person who kicks it to two or more people, while in a relationship or pursuing a relationship with one or more of them. The politically correct way to call a person a slut, smut, whore, ho, etc.
Hey, Helen is a multitasker, she's kicking it to like three guys at once.
by Cagz Mahoney November 22, 2009
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