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4 definitions by ElvisJumpsNine

Someone who can listen to his iPod, read the newspaper, and even answer the phone while sitting on the toilet.
Bitchy wife: Demetri! Get down here right now and help me with these dishes!
Multitasker husband: Sorry Maud, I can't right now-- I'm multitasking
by ElvisJumpsNine March 18, 2010
66 15
When a large group of men gather around a woman wearing semi-revealing undergarments.
Wow, did you see the throng that showed up when Britney took off her pants?
by ElvisJumpsNine March 17, 2010
22 10
When you have had only one or two drinks, so you are not quite intoxicated yet, but you aren't totally back to normal.
Boss: How come you haven't been working well today?
Ted: Well, you see I'm a bit toxicated after having a beer at lunchtime.
Boss: Don't you mean "intoxicated?"
Ted: No you uneducated fool! Toxicated! Don't you know anything?! How come you make more than me?!!!
Boss: Wow, I am totally sorry for being a stupid ignoranus. I am now going to send in my letter of resignation and relinquish my job and salary to you.
by ElvisJumpsNine March 17, 2010
19 9
Someone who can only read an e-book but otherwise is completely illiterate.
John: How come Jason can't even read Dr. Seuss books but he read all of War and Peace on his e-book?
Meechelle: Yup, Jason is completely e-literate.
by ElvisJumpsNine October 31, 2010
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