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1. n. Usually of the female persuasion - one who incessantly and vivaciously enjoys performing felatio on a man. Her aptitude, proficiency, and dexterity are typically second to none.

2. n. a dick sucker, one who gobbles your nob
1. "It was soon after my first encounter with Katie that I proclaimed her to be a Nob Gobbler on par with Jenna Jameson!"

2. "This Nob Gobbler worked my shaft like a starved soul at an all-u-can-eat buffet"
by Gravy October 07, 2005
See Hennessy

A classy, full flavor liquor that is mentioned in many rap/r&b tunes. Enjoyed on the rocks, with a spash of coke, or with a whole lot of ganja. If you don't like this drink you need to turn 17 or move out of the boondocks because this is where it's at.
What's gotten into me? drugs, rock and Hennessy
by gravy November 20, 2004
To be used half jokingly amongst friends; use when an acquiantance does or says something out of the ordinary.
Your wingman suddenly decides that he would rather sit home and watch a movie than head out to the bars on Saturday night. "Billy, you've changed"
by Gravy November 19, 2004
the light noise that a woman's clothes make as they hit the ground
The sootfall of his wife's clothing excited his male senses
by gravy March 12, 2005
n. One who masterbates regularly at or in front of a personal computer.

n. One who literally ejaculates onto his keyboard while viewing internet pornography, hence spackling his keyboard with his man juice.
With all the internet porn available, Joe quickly became a chronic keyboard spackler.
by Gravy October 07, 2005
I've always taken it to mean generally either fucked up or fucked over. It doesn't have to be related to drink or drugs.
Spurs mullered Man City in the first half – it's unbelievable that they still managed to lose.
by Gravy February 05, 2004
1. (n) A female that is unattractively thin, frail, malnourished, scrawny, emaciated, etc.
2. (n) A slutty or skanky looking female
1. "Look at the knock-knees on that stickpig. She's about 80 pounds soakin wet!"
2. "I'm gonna bang that little stickpig tonight!"
by Gravy November 19, 2004

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