Misused prenounciation of the work Milk. For those people with learning difficulties this can be the hardest word in the enslish dictionary to pronounce.
I going to mulk the cows then i'm going to mulk the goats, then I shall have some breakfast with some cold mulk.
by Bender Oronson September 12, 2003
Top Definition
acronym used to describe an ugly person, stands for "Messed Up Looking Kid"
"Did you see that kid with the huge ears? He's a real mulk."
by WWJBD November 25, 2006
A very cool guy who posts on the aquabats forum.
Mulk is so cool, I want to wet myself!
by Totally Batty July 09, 2004
A guy, that has a name starting with M, that is built like a tank. Changing the word hulk to Mulk.
Heyya Mulk
Sup guys?
by Becaww October 21, 2009
South African interpretation of milk.
I'd like sum mulk in my tea
by panjee wigs September 10, 2003
The smell that exists when a fat person doesn't wash and the smell particles get trapped in the creases creating magnified emissions of stank.
When Wanda entered the room, it was no surprise to anyone that the smell that she carried with her was that of mulk.
by J-Dolla May 03, 2006
First, you need a friend and a shovel. Go to the cemetary and dig up a freshly buried woman. Put your mouth on her vagina and have your friend jump on her stomach. Drink whatever comes out.
Dude, I can't believe you mulked my Grandma. Not cool dude, Not cool...
by Crabbnugga April 05, 2005
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