Mother f*ckin ugly
Wow look at that poor guy he's so mugly!
by pateypatterson February 04, 2011
Top Definition
mother fucking ugly
dude, no one knows what mugly is so you can say it to just about any one.
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie March 11, 2003
A dog with an ugly mug - Ugly Mugly
Mugly the Ugliest dog in Britain
by wwoman March 01, 2011
1. Madd ass ugly
2. Mother Fucking ugly
Her face is Mulgy.
The car was in a wreck an it has a mugly grill.
by The O'bucket October 21, 2005
One who's mug as in face is ugly... Simple enuf
That bitch is Mugly... But her Body is BANGIN'
by Me=EAZY July 27, 2007
50 cent is mugly as hell
by boomboom September 28, 2003
Mugly; Adj. Derived from Ugly. To have a mother which is ugly. A contraction for Yo motha's UGLY!
Person 1: Dude, is that you're mom?
Person 2: yes...
Person 1: Mugly!
by BeardedDragonLuvr June 26, 2010
A person (usually female) who's musty and ugly. This is used in common terms for hoes and poppers.
Yo that popper is Mugly!
by Myckie March 14, 2011
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