Mug-Ugly. It relys on a common stereotype of an ugly crimminal. It is a term used to describe a severly ugly person, most likely a woman.
If the times are tough, I'd sleep with a mugly bit*h too.
by Yugo January 03, 2004
A word defining uglier than ugly.
An old fat comes in the room and looks directly at you.
"Ew, mugly man"
by Eric, Stephanie, and Amanda September 30, 2006
A word for someone who is ugly, and also a retard
god man that girl is Mugly!
by natty April 29, 2004
well mugly stands for mutated ugly and yea there are heaps of muglys at my skool but there is one in particular and man is he mugly i wont name names coz thats harsh but mugly nos who he is well he shud neway othawise i need to but him a mirror.
Kat: hey carman look theres mugly and he asked u out lol
Carman: shut up. eww i cnt belveie mugly asked me out
by Katherine May 31, 2004
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