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Mug-Ugly. It relys on a common stereotype of an ugly crimminal. It is a term used to describe a severly ugly person, most likely a woman.
If the times are tough, I'd sleep with a mugly bit*h too.
by Yugo January 03, 2004
5 12
The teenage lingo for Montrously ugly
omg vicki's boyfriend is so mugly
by Nghia Tong October 16, 2007
0 8
A word defining uglier than ugly.
An old fat comes in the room and looks directly at you.
"Ew, mugly man"
by Eric, Stephanie, and Amanda September 30, 2006
3 11
A word for someone who is ugly, and also a retard
god man that girl is Mugly!
by natty April 29, 2004
8 16
I person who is crazy (mad) and ugly at the same time!
"Man, that girl is MUGLY!"
by Angebella January 26, 2008
0 9
well mugly stands for mutated ugly and yea there are heaps of muglys at my skool but there is one in particular and man is he mugly i wont name names coz thats harsh but mugly nos who he is well he shud neway othawise i need to but him a mirror.
Kat: hey carman look theres mugly and he asked u out lol
Carman: shut up. eww i cnt belveie mugly asked me out
by Katherine May 31, 2004
4 16