Mugly is a person ususally a girl who has a nice body but an ugly mug(face) much like a butter face.
That stripper would be hot if she wasn't so mugly.
by Bo22 April 09, 2006
Mostly ugly. The person is not quite fugly but not just ugly either.
Me: Yeah, that 40-year-old creeper at the bar last night was mugly.

Friend: Yeah, damn he was just lookin' for some young pootytang. ;)
by MallyMalMal August 30, 2010
Combination of the words "mucho" and "ugly". Basically, very ugly.
Man, is she mugly!
by fortress star 11 July 28, 2010
Short for mug-shot ugly, the kind of ugly that is often only seen in celebrity mugshots.
Did you see Mel Gibson was arrested again? He was looking mugly!
by quietmarc January 02, 2010
Mugly: You're mug (Uk Slang for Face) is f*cking ugly
Mate! She's Mugly
by Slaaneshborn May 04, 2010
man-ugly; a female who has very masculine physical characterisitics.
Nicole Bass is one mugly bitch.
by Han DeCap July 22, 2003
Mother f*ckin ugly
Wow look at that poor guy he's so mugly!
by pateypatterson February 04, 2011

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