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Supplier of drugs
dope head
What up drugs bunny? Got any weed?
by BoomBoom September 09, 2005
50 cent is mugly as hell
by boomboom September 28, 2003
replacement for the word 'cool'
your in college now?wurd...yeah wurd..i'm chillin..wurd.
by boomboom September 28, 2003
dumb, white kids who just learned how to dye/spike their hair that usually listen to Slipknot, Evanesence, Kitty...they lightly scratch at their wrist and then show this to people.they claim to hate everyone,just cuz everyone hates them.always a 'pity me,fine...fuck you too!' attitude.
"That gummy goth doesn't even know what JTHM is!"
by boomboom October 08, 2003

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