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"Cornmuffin" means "ass to cunt".
Do NOT do the cornmuffin. Your chick will get dick sick.
by Pat & Kelly O'Brian December 07, 2006
19 8
Corn Muffin: Word meaning white girl.
Black Girl: "Hey corn muffin!"
White Girl: "Shut up NIGGER!!"
by Fanopolis May 29, 2004
23 16
a muffin, often shaped like a cupcake, made from cornmeal.
"Just finished a batch of corn muffins, they are still hot."
by arn8409 November 06, 2007
12 7
n attractive tourist from the Midwest.
by anonymous March 10, 2003
1 0
Corn bread that is shaped like a muffin.
Yellow, smells weird and tastes kind of yummy.
Miss Kim is the best at cooking corn muffins!!
by supercutekid November 19, 2011
0 0
pre prepubescent homosexual (faggot)
some little cock suckin' corn muffin asked me if i wanted to buy some cookies.. i told him to go fuck himself
by Rodberg December 21, 2010
3 3
When you cant take a shit and you pucs really hard. Nothing comes out but your asshole swells out like the top of a corn muffin
My shit was so backed up I pushed my Corn Muffin Out
by blacktoothsmile February 03, 2010
3 6