Tom Sellleck. George Clooney. Brad Pitt. These men are defined as muffins. Muffin is slang for a handsome 20s to 50s man, usually in the movie or tv business.
"Hey Tommy, did you watch Muffin P.I. on teevee last night?"
by Johnny Big March 27, 2005
a male with a pathetic "bowl" hair cut, bushy hair, a big head

a woman with a bushy vagina
"Tommy got jipped with a fucking muffin"
by Sabertooth nigga November 30, 2004
that which is sought by AlysWhitil, Klokwurk and Vibrobunny
I gots all the Muffins!
by Hikaru April 06, 2003
a slang term referring to a line of cocaine. Where speaking of eating them, correlates to snorting them.
"let's "eat" some muffins."
by John Samson Samsonite October 18, 2007
1. The act of pulling one's penis for the attainment of sinful pleasures and an undisclosed ammount of unidentified white substance.
2. A wheat-based snack.
Gerald! We know you're muffin in there you sick perverted Chinese wacko!
by Maxwell Hunt October 02, 2005
Term denoting a female; usually of mixed or mediterrainean ethinicity that wears a full head of very curly, very pastry-like hair.
'Chelsey Clinton' looks like a straight 'muffin'. Or; 'I'm going to the coffee shop to pick up some java and a muffin'. Also; 'Don't wear that jacket tonite, you'll be straight 'muffed up'...'
by Eon Books March 23, 2007
When someone's clothing is too tight and a bulge of fat sits over the rim.
"My god Joe, that lady's muffin is big enough to feed africa"

"Tuck your muffin in Libby!"
by outlookonlife July 30, 2006

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