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9 definitions by boob

An awsome movie that is soon to hit america. It is the sequal to what happened two years later after the infamous and unforgettable Final Fantasy VII.
People who only come here to put a lousy definition to tell how lousy the game is should go fuck bush
there i go again mixing george w bush with idiots. wait... whats the diffeance?
George: *singing* If only i had a braaaaaiiinn....!
by boob January 21, 2005
A fat boy that is grot and smells like a poonani and he has a thing growing out of his tooth and he uses this thig to wipe his balls.
"Damn! Look at that ming Kurtis Carlyle!"
by Boob January 26, 2005
Female Condom, its french
My boyfriends doesnt like to wear a condom, so i use a Vaginalprotectoralis
by BOOB August 12, 2004
A response to the question, "whats up" or "what are you doing" from someone who may or maynot be eating a muffin.
"What are you doing?"
by boob April 25, 2004
sumfin u say wen u r b in sarcastic
i fuked ur mum last nite
arr rite
by boob November 02, 2003
the act of being an ass- basket, as-clown, and/or boob.
Wow, Steve just grabbed my girlfriend's ass, what a burkhardt.
by boob March 16, 2005
someone who commits an act in a manner seemingly impossible or in an overtly impressive manner.
Wow, that, was freaking 1337$0r3S h4x$0r3$ hs ksharp
by boob November 27, 2003