Term denoting a female; usually of mixed or mediterrainean ethinicity that wears a full head of very curly, very pastry-like hair.
'Chelsey Clinton' looks like a straight 'muffin'. Or; 'I'm going to the coffee shop to pick up some java and a muffin'. Also; 'Don't wear that jacket tonite, you'll be straight 'muffed up'...'
by Eon Books March 23, 2007
When someone's clothing is too tight and a bulge of fat sits over the rim.
"My god Joe, that lady's muffin is big enough to feed africa"

"Tuck your muffin in Libby!"
by outlookonlife July 30, 2006
Any person that has not been baptized and does not plan on it. This nickname is the result of the creation of the nickname Doughtnut, as well as others like Waffle, Bagel, and French Toast. (Look only at the definitions provided by 'Relic' to see what each means when used as a nickname.)
She is definately a muffin; you can see it in her eyes. Not only that, though, but she told me she was yesterday.
by Relic January 15, 2005
Oh, only the worlds coolest cat. He just scratched Stevans arm. He has fleas, and smells like poop...but its his birthday everyday. The end.
Muffin its your birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUFFIN
by ROB $ December 11, 2004
A very elite scener. Saved me from the ghetto!
muffin is cool, I wish I was like him.
by Philip October 28, 2003
Muffins is another word for 'lol'. It can be used if you use the word 'lol' too much on Twitter, Myspace etc.

Jimmy Machan came up with the word 'muffins' instead of 'lol'.
Hubert: I love Miley Cyrus.
Jimmy: Muffins, loser.
by aashleee September 11, 2009
Something that J.G and R.S wanted me to make a def of.
Also slang for a cunt.
i.e Cunt muffin
I cant belive I have to do a def for muffin!
God, that guy is such a Cunt Muffin.
by rach April 07, 2005

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