A women's retaliation to a Simba. When it's that time of the month she randomly wipes period blood on her male partner's forehead. Then loudly proclaims "Mufasa". Then in utter disgust he starts to shake violently. Muttering the name Mufasa over and over again.
"Your husband hasn't been himself lately." -Female neighbor-

"Oh, he thought he was funny and gave me a Simba during sex. So I gave him a Mufasa to pay him back."-Wife-

"Oh is that why he's been sitting in the corner crying? When will boys learn, women fight dirty." -Female neighbor-
by 210SaChic May 25, 2012
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the king of teh lions
by O ya! November 05, 2003
Killed by the murdering piece of shit.
Would still be around for LK2 if that sorry bastard haden't killed him.
by ananomus November 02, 2004
When you push a girl off the bed and as she is clawing her way back up onto the bed, you beat her back down with your penis.
After I simba her I'm going to mufasa her off the bed.
by simbamaster May 07, 2012
the king of the lions from the movie The Lion King. can be used as a replacement for the spanish word " que pasa" meaning what. This is a reference to one scene in the movie when one of the hyenas is talking to scar. Scar hates mufasa so the hyena pretends that he said que pasa instead because they sound so similar.
person 1: buffalo buffalo buffalo!
person 2: mufasa?
by satoshi13 July 08, 2011
Pronunciation: Moo-FAH-sah.

When something is said that is so terrifying, it makes you shiver. (In reference to Shenzi the Hyena's line in The Lion King)
"Remember in The Ring when that girl climbs out of the well?"
"Ooooohh (shiver). Mufasa..."

"Did someone kick your dad in the nuts right before he and your momma made you?"
"Ooooooh, Mufasa."
by Nandy Dandy February 23, 2008
Mufasa is a nickname for an amazing individual. If you are given the nickname of Mufasa than you are majestic, amazing, loving and somewhat egotistical. Mufasa is very protective of his family and his friends so if i were you i wouldn't get in his way because he will fight to the death to protect the ones he loved. All men want to be called Mufasa because his sex drive and skills are next to no one. The lady that is chosen by a Mufasa is a lucky one she will not only be pleased sexually but he will defend and love her till the end. Mufasa is truly the king of the jungle.
guy 1-my sisters new boyfriend is so fucking cool i wish i could be like him!

guy 2-dude i met him...hes a real Mufasa!
by lilbabywolfey December 02, 2012
to appear out of nowhere and act like you know everything.
"Man, that zachary kid just pulled a really annoying mufasa on elliots' status update, then stopped commenting."
by prongs March 06, 2012

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