What you say when you see our taste something that you really like. This is the highest level of finess.
Simba = Cute; Roshanda = Fine; Mufasa = Extra Fine
Scenario: The finest thing you've every seen walks in, like I dont know T.I.

A girl would say: Mufasa!!!
by D. Hizzle March 07, 2008
When you cum on a girl's stomach, rub your thumb in it, and wipe it on her forehead.
Guy: Bro, I would have nutted in her mouth, but she insisted on a Mufasa.

Friend: Why in the hell would she do that?

Guy: I have no idea. But it made a great story, didn't it?
by PewPewChazzle June 10, 2010
Mufasa-a person who likes bob marley, who is free sprited and is in tune with therself and there own being.
Yo, Mufasa , Mufasa , that's what I said.
by Goldie Elizabeth June 12, 2008
the name you give to penises that are incredibly large in girth and above average in length. and when i say incredibly, i mean hugely, amazingly, crazily, make your vulva sore the next day large. generally these penises give amazing orgasms, 'cause they hit the gspot.
Andrew's mufasa makes Taylor's zina fuckin sore, but holy shit is the sex great!
by taylrrina March 24, 2008
a word that describes the female crutch!
Girl: Can anybody smell dead trout?
Boy: Damn girl...i think it's your Mufasa!
by bumface13 August 29, 2006
this word is used for an extremly huge black cock when fucking a white girl.
black guy- how do like it baby?
white girl- OMG...MUFASA...MOOOORE!!
black guy gives it to her harder
by jen March 26, 2005
A dude dats strong as hell and is a shady ma fucka
Dat punkass Mufasa beat my ass n stole my bitch
by Jay Mac Holla At Da Kid March 20, 2004

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