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a particularly tight vagina. also known as a "zina". in some cases, a very easily pleased vagina/vulva.
Her zina marina cummed like crazy when we fucked last weekend-- its either i'm good or she's just a sure thing. but hey, either way, it was fun ;)
by taylrrina March 24, 2008
a large group of people usually containing an obnoxious, fat guy with a mohawk and a BAC of 1.5%, a few rude kids, one or two jack asses, some hardcore chicks, some helpless guy who got shoved in by his friends, and a handful of ridiculously overenthusiastic middle schoolers. Also, y'know, actual fans of the music trying to listen and dance and have a good time, but getting beaten and bruised and pushed around by the aforementioned shit-heads.

Moshes can be fun at a good punk show, or a hard core show, when appreciating is not the highest priority, but having fun and beating people you don't like without the consequences of an assault charge are. But anywhere else, there should be a circle pit, and a less packed area to groove in.
ex 1:
taylor: "fuck this shit! you're not supposed to mosh at ska shows! where's the circlepit?"
karli: "oh they'll start one, and we'll still get pummeled"

ex 2:
nick: "dude, check out my battle wounds from that sweet mosh"
conor: "yea man! i've got a black eye! fuck was that music pump me up!"
by taylrrina March 24, 2008
the name you give to penises that are incredibly large in girth and above average in length. and when i say incredibly, i mean hugely, amazingly, crazily, make your vulva sore the next day large. generally these penises give amazing orgasms, 'cause they hit the gspot.
Andrew's mufasa makes Taylor's zina fuckin sore, but holy shit is the sex great!
by taylrrina March 24, 2008

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