A women's retaliation to a Simba. When it's that time of the month she randomly wipes period blood on her male partner's forehead. Then loudly proclaims "Mufasa". Then in utter disgust he starts to shake violently. Muttering the name Mufasa over and over again.
"Your husband hasn't been himself lately." -Female neighbor-

"Oh, he thought he was funny and gave me a Simba during sex. So I gave him a Mufasa to pay him back."-Wife-

"Oh is that why he's been sitting in the corner crying? When will boys learn, women fight dirty." -Female neighbor-
by 210SaChic May 25, 2012
to appear out of nowhere and act like you know everything.
"Man, that zachary kid just pulled a really annoying mufasa on elliots' status update, then stopped commenting."
by prongs March 06, 2012
to move faster
Daniel wasn't mufasaing enough, so he was trampled by a rhino.
by neebnoob18 October 03, 2014
noun; a penis which is shorter than its surrounding pubic hair; resulting in a "lion mane" look.
"She said she wouldn't S on my D until I trimmed my mufasa"

"When I showed her my mufasa, she asked me where my dick was."

"Due to the mufasa, she had to comb through my mane to get to my junk."
by WobbleJob March 16, 2010
n. Code for an extremely hot guy. Created after a hot guy walked by my friend and I while we were laying on a beach in hawaii and My friend was like "Woah, he's hot!" and he gave us a funny look.

Not to be confused with a cute boy which would be a simba.
Girl 1: Oooh, Mufasa!
Girl 2: Oh yes! where?
Girl 1: 11 o'clock.

by Rusty Stradlater January 17, 2009
The final stage of drunkness-typically wasted out of your mind. The stages begin at kitten, then move up the feline chain, ie kitten, lynx, mountain lion, cougar, mufasa
I am so mufasa because I drank so much tonight.
by kaiterdoodle July 13, 2010
term used to describe the absolute biggest hit of weed smoke you can handle. Taken out of a bong pipe vaporizer or what have you. Just the biggest hit u can take
dude, take a mufasa for me right now
by spadesouljah April 27, 2010
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