A pathetic hack typical nu-metal band named after your poop chute. Most often seen in ridiculous makeup & costumes (similar to Slipknot's mask/jumpsuit gimmick) because they're as embarrassed to be playing that crap as you should be for liking it.
No matter what you try to tell me that "Mudvayne" stands for, it's just a 'kewl' re-spelling of "mud vein", which is your rectum and asshole. The band is named after something shit comes out, which is appropriate since the only thing I've heard from them is also pure shit.
by Shave it and I'll Eat it! January 08, 2008
Top Definition
One of the few acceptable nu-metal bands. Except for the fact that all of their members have these wierd pysedonyms, like Cüd and stuff like that. However thier music is still pretty good, especially their latest album, Lost and Found.
Another good factor is that they also aren't nearly as mainstream as most other bands.

Some good songs are World So Cold, Happy?, Forget to Remember, and Fall Into Sleep
Mudvayne kicks Linkin Parks ass
by rush8192 October 17, 2005
Mu - Mud = Wetdirtyour buried under this

Dv - Devestation = whats been done to them, therefore they like to sing about

Ay - Asylum = The protection afforded by a sanctuary a quiet place to forget these problems

Ne - i am Nothing
i am Everything

by KuDvAyNe July 16, 2003
1) only the best band i have ever heard with the greatest and crazyist bass and drum players

2) the best vocals and lyrics i have ever heard in a metal band
Did you hear about the new MuDvAyNe album this fall of 2004, its gunna be fucking hard as hell!!
by H4Z4RD March 26, 2004
A great band with lyrics I can greatly relate to.
Mudvayne is Godly.
by Eddie July 16, 2003
best band these days
fuck your cookie cutter punk, rap, pop "bands"
by you drink pp March 27, 2003
A nu-metal band, straddling the fence between being mainstream and underground.

MuDvAyNe embrace darker poetry for their lyrics and use repetitive, minor key riffs to create their distinctive sounds.

One of the greatest ironies, perhaps, is that some of the Mudvayne fans here believe that Slipknot suck, when in fact Mudvayne are managed and produced by Shawn (Clown, "6") Crahan...who is a member of Slipknot.
"Mudvayne rock but Slipknot sux lololol, I'm so underground, look at me." - typical Mudvayne fan
by A Metal Fan January 24, 2005
The sickest band ever!
Mudvayne RULES!!!!! Matt is the best drummer of all time!!
by Manderin August 28, 2005
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