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4 definitions by dragondance~

The total IQ of Presidents George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush
George H. W. Bush, and his son, George W. Bush each have an IQ of 1, therefore, together, they have an IQ of 2
by dragondance~ February 13, 2007
236 208
Alternative Metal band.

Vocals can be soft one minute, and screaming the next.

Jazz-like guitar time signatures

Bass that ranks up to legendary bassists like Steve Harris, and Cliff Burton

And a Drummer that plays like hes having a fucking seizure, which is a good thing.

Seriously the best band of the 21st century. The 80's had Metallica and Iron Maiden. the 90's had Nirvana, and now we have Mudvayne
everybody: "mudvayne kick ass"
by dragondance~ February 14, 2007
43 18
Opening song on Metallica's 1988 album, "...And Justice For All." Written about destruction of the world by nuclear war, it features an awesome solo by guitarist Kirk Hammett
Blackened is the end
by dragondance~ February 14, 2007
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the worst genre of music ever. hell, even rap and country are better than this shit.
thrash metal is so much better than pop punk.
by dragondance~ May 12, 2007
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