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The sickest band ever!
Mudvayne RULES!!!!! Matt is the best drummer of all time!!
by Manderin August 28, 2005
A place where everyone there is white trash
A place that looks like a white trash revival
Are you going to the County Fair? No Dude that is so White Trash Expo.
by Manderin August 28, 2005
The last drunk chic standing in the bar at the end of the night looking for a piece of ass.

Usually the same girls every night of the week that go out and get trashed and go home with a different guy from a different bar in town everynight.

A girl who only dates a druggie boyfriend so she doesn't have to pay for her stash.
Wasn't that the same nasty buzzwhore we saw last weekend?
by Manderin August 28, 2005
A metro sexual hair style that looks straight out of the TV show OC
Reno has his OC hair on tonight
by Manderin August 28, 2005
The person that gets stuck picking everyone up to take them to work or an event.

The Designated Driver in a group of drunken friends
Take a taxi, I'm not your Soccer Mom
by Manderin August 28, 2005
Code Word for Strip Club

Bob Seger "Night Moves"
Hey Honey We will be back late tonight we are going to visit Justin's Uncle Bob. Don't wait up.
by Manderin August 28, 2005
A snitch

A way to describe actions of a snitch
Dude, that's so fucking red !
by Manderin August 28, 2005

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