A once awesome saying turned into such a fag comment. Anyone that still uses the phrase "Do you liek mudkipz?" should be shot repeatedly in the ass. Deviantart and other slow queers whore'd Mudkipz out so much its lost its meaning.
Person 2: ...No.
by Mr/Mrs. Danimals March 25, 2009
A long time ago, a kid asked another kid that was crazy about pokemon if he liked mudkips. The kid answered with very bad grammar and very enthusiasticly that he loved them. The first person asked if he would f*** one and before he said "if you were a mudkip" the kid agreed in the affirmative. The first kid said that he happened to have a mudkip doll with him and when he pulled it out, the mudkip lover had whipped off his pants and was on the ground actually f***ing it.

Not to get between a man and his mudkipz, the guy stepped away while a crowd began to form around the strange boy. (The following is what is believed to happen) A girl tried to take the doll, the insane boy bit her. Naturally this pissed off her football-captain esque boyfriend who gathered some of his buddies and beat the living s*** out of the kid. (The following is confirmed)

When a teacher came, the students were sent to their classrooms. Eventually, there was an announcement over the loudspeaker that requested the football team members to come forward and also an individual who had thrown a flaming plush mudkip doll into the library. Over the loudspeaker came the voice of a woman later identified as the weird boy's mother screaming "You little motherfuckers, I'll sue!" But was quickly shut down.

So I ask you, do you leik mudkipz?

Person 1: Do u leik mudkipz??
Person 2: ... *Punch*
Person 1: Do u leik mudkipz???
Person 2: ... *Punch*
by theadam10 October 12, 2008



"I herd u liek them?"
by Iherduliekthem May 12, 2008
Steps Include

1) Grow out a** hairs as long as possible (over 4 inches)

2) Take a dirty s*** (prefered diariah

3) Do not whipe your a** hole

4) Wait a few days for crust to harden (DO NOT SHIT AGAIN)

5) Get a girl (WHOR*)

6) Pull out an a** hair

7) Get girl to floss teeth with it

8) All left over sh** in her mouth she must eat and swallow
Person1: Hey baby u wanna mudkipz
Person2: Whats that?
Person1: Come and see

Time Goes By
by so i herd u liek mudkipz January 07, 2010
Started a long time ago.. in a galaxy far far away.. (A.k.a The Gd.) People came out with Mud Kip Porno... so then everyone started going;

So i herd you like Mudkipz.

Mudkip is a pokemon, released in Pokemon Fire red/Leaf Green For gba.
This, Is For The Gd.
A tribut to y'all from +MissMajority+
So i herd you like MUDKIPZZ?

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