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anal cream pie, i.e. the act of ejaculating inside someone's asshole while performing anal sex.
Johan didn't pull out of her ass in time, thus giving Samantha a nice mudpie.
by Doomie June 07, 2004
An Anal Creampie, the act of ejaculating in an anus.
Did you give that ho a mudpie?
Sure did.
by Shawnny B April 14, 2006
lets go back to them good old days.
those days when you watched Barney, and Sesame Street, The Muppets, and Out of the Box. Then you saw it had just rained and the dirt turned to mud.....(rimaniss(spell check)
Then you and your cousin(brother, sister, kinfolk) went and played in the mudd.
You start too feel a need for food and you grab a glob of mud and ask the other person if the would like a mudpie?
They reply yes.
So you slap the glob on the nearest surface and sprinkle it with various ground items(grass, twigs, pebbles)
And there you have it Ala Mode......well not quiet but when you where that age you thought that was a pretty nice pie you mad. Am I wrong?
The bad part was wen the pies dried up and your grandad came after you cuz you let mud dry out on his driveway.

Example 1,
Darvae: Hey flo you wanna go outside
Flo: Ok!
*start playing in puddle*
Darvae: Would you like a mudpie?
Flo: Yes i love mudpie.
*makes eatings sounds as if she was really eating a pie*
Yumm Yumm yumm......Deliciosos!

Example 2,
Grandad: Did you leave that piece of dirt on my driveway?
Darvae: No that was Flo.(Flo is here so i don't get beat, blame it on Flo!)

by Darvae December 05, 2008
The act of giving oral pleasure to a female while she is defecating. Opposite of blumpkin
She was horny and needed to take a dump so she asked for a mudpie.
by NorthCalScooter September 01, 2009
Taking a shit on a vagina and then using it as lubrication to fuck her.
She let me do the mudpie.
by trouble22 December 13, 2014
A large squeezing of human poop that kinda sets on top of the toilet bowl water, resembling a scaled down cowpie.
The morning after Thanksgiving, I usually have a large bran muffin, and three large cups of black coffee. That my friends, is my recipe for a mudpie.
by sluggo699 May 28, 2009
When a man ejaculates inside a black woman's vagina
Robin Williams totally gave Queen Latifa a mudpie last night
by JolleyMan August 18, 2010

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