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anal cream pie, i.e. the act of ejaculating inside someone's asshole while performing anal sex.
Johan didn't pull out of her ass in time, thus giving Samantha a nice mudpie.
by Doomie June 07, 2004
Ejaculating on someone's eye while they sleep. When they wake up, idealy, the ejaculation will have dried up, making it impossible to open or see out of this eye. Just like an eyepatch.
Jill could not stop herself from saying "Arr, shiver me timbers" after her boyfriend gave her the ol' Pirate Eye the night before.
by Doomie June 07, 2004
The bottom line. The no-nonsense answer to a question.
"The soft dick of it is, you WILL get crabs if you sleep with her. It is not debatable!"
by Doomie June 07, 2004
Latin for taking a dump in school.
I couldn't hold it til I got home, so I had to do the Defecatus Academus.
by Doomie June 07, 2004
See blue balls.
After an hour of jacking it with no results, Dorian went to bed with unsexed dick-nuts.
by Doomie June 07, 2004
A religion pioneered by a young man in Wilmington Delaware, following the simple philosophy of: If there is a God, das' coo'. If there isn't a god, das'coo' too.
Ivan doesn't care enough about religion to have a real opinion, so he calls himself a Dascooist.
by Doomie June 07, 2004
The act of taking a dump in school.
Latin: Defecatus Academus
I was forced to take an acadumpia. It sucked.
by Doomie June 07, 2004
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