urinal terd; terd that is pinched off somewhere other that a toilet
There is a mudmonkey in the men's room propped up against the back of the urinal like a brown ragdoll.
by tb cackeroni December 29, 2006
Top Definition
from South Park: another name for the dookie in the urinal.
How would you like it if someone came into your home and laid a big mud monkey right on your mom's face.
by bzflag October 11, 2006
Black person with a sprinkling of white in them. KKK slang for Nigger. Octaroon or Quadroon.
Big Jimmy: Hey, Cletus, is you voten fer a Republican next election?

Cletus: I reckon if we want that supreme Mud Monkey, Obama, put back in his cage where he belongs, then voting Republican is my best bet, ain't it. Rather be voteing fer Dirk Heintz of the Constitutional Party, though.
by Ricardovitz March 28, 2011
Feces. Made famous by a hilarious episode of South Park where (SPOILER!) Stan makes a dookie in the school's urinal and is punished for it
He dropped a mud monkey right on the bathroom floor at school, and the janitor had to clean it up.
by vive cuervo February 07, 2009
A Turd
I have to go leave a nice Mud Monkey in the toilet
by Sir_Shits_A_Lot April 13, 2009
A nickname given to army cadets by Air cadets because they are often found rolling around in the mud
Unfortunately we will be joined by Mud monkeys on our next camp, cadets.
by poshboi April 10, 2015
From the television show Supernatural.

A rude name for humans coined by the Angel Uriel.
"We're wasting time with these Mud Monkeys."
by Shayde_Dante February 09, 2009
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