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A slang word used predominantly in Manchester but also North West England meaning "friend"
To a friend: "What are you up to tonight mucka?"
by Lee The King June 25, 2010
massive or big

New England area
"I had a mucka headache last night." or "The place was mucka!"
by Travis Draft May 02, 2004
used to refer to the drivel that enters into everyday conversation, mostly refers to tedious small talk or repetitive conversations, or things that people say that you already know they are going to say
When asked how my day was, I could say, "It was fine, went to work, cam home, you know, mucka mucka."

What did your boss say when you asked him for a raise?
"He said that the company may not have that kind of budget, the time was not right, mucka mucka mucka."
by Stephenson July 14, 2006
mother fucker.
UK DJspeak.
the muckas at the post office charged my letter to the Ali-o 95ps!....
(..Hey , Ali have ya even recieved my letter?)
by hytham_hammer July 08, 2005
A White woman who likes and only dates black men(negros)
lucy: "seen cheryls new boyfriend....hes a negroid"

alena" "Yeh not surprising....she a mucka"
by Rubberlips March 28, 2011
a white woman who only dates black men
"look at Tracey over there with her new black boyfriend...what a mucka!"
by nobby johnson January 11, 2010
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