A slang term referring to Michael Thompson which is a delicious soft drink which can be bought in southern parts of Brazil during the Autumn.
MMmm...I sure could go for a nice sip of MT right about now. That would wet my whistle.
by Nick Nick February 21, 2006
Musical Theatre, the best place in the world. The Place to make best friends to last a life time, and the place to laugh so much it makes you cry.
At hofstra summer camp, MT is the best specialty.
by MT4EVER January 18, 2009
Medical Transcriptionist.
A person practicing medical transcription.
Commonly outsourced in Philippines and India.
I am an MT, I am a good listener.
MT means Medical Transcriptionist!
by OPA September 28, 2007
Short for the, "Mosher Throating"
when a girl or guy is giving you head, and all at once they shove your dick down there thoat, and, they start to choke.
Dude, when Lily was giving me head, all at once she started choking, and, soon after, I figured out she was giving me the MT.
by Doe Boy May 17, 2007
An MT is short for a Mega-Tool. One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool. A cretin. Characterized by low intelligence and/or self-steem. Easily used.
Wils is an MT because she will hole punch your paper if you tell her.
by Paully Kribitser May 01, 2007
MT is a when a female has very small tities. Hence the word "MT" which means Micro Tities.
"Damn that girl has no tities!"
"MT bro!"
"Ha Ha good call"
by MTh8rz June 11, 2007
Manual Transmission.
"Do you know how to drive MT Car's?"
by Diego August 30, 2003

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