Morning tent, a tent-like shape on your pants due to an erection
To avoid an MT you could try jacking off before getting out of bed
by tory borty April 30, 2013
MT can be short or microtransactions and is sometimes used to refer to the sale of virtual goods in online games, like World of Warcraft.
That they'll (ex. Blizzard) get greedy and try to nickel-and-dime us with MTs.
by Sliv3r January 13, 2010
Means more time. Used on the website When someone besides the host thinks more time should be added so more players can join.
player 1:MT please
game host:no problem
player1:thx :)
by piecesofyellow January 10, 2009
1. nickname for the name Montana
montana is long so its easier to text just saying mt

2. adbrv. for mountain

"i hate texting the name montana, it takes forever!"

"then just put MT"


"i hate texting the word mountain, it takes forever!"

"then just put MT"
by brynbrynlawl9181 March 14, 2009
Acronym for "Multiple Text" meant to be put at the end of a long text when your cell asks you to send more than one text to the same person
"hey just wanted u 2 know I'm almost there but there's a lot of traffic on the freeway and"
<next message>
"it may be a bit PS. MT"
by Txtnallday April 12, 2009
abbrevation for muffin top (see muffin top for definition)
Did you see that chick's MT?
by Mojers1 July 24, 2008
a full on, sexy ass MUFFIN TOP
(Bob walks by)

Erin: Wassup MT?!?!
Katie: Talk about a muffin top...
by KatieeisKinky January 14, 2010

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