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Money to spend. Significantly characterized by a person or persons who has nothing to do but spend ridiculous amounts of money. Not necessarily in the ultra-rich Paris Hilton super star manner. More specifically the: upper middle class, lives in the suburbs, more than 4 flat screen tv's in the house, cars that cost more than $50,000, wife buys children clothes and accessories from juicy coture, manner.

Must be nice!!
Normal person: Hi MTS friend, I just got home from work. What did you do all day?
MTS person: Work? what's that? Well, today I went to the gym for pilates, went to the spa for my nail and facial treatment, stopped at home to make sure the nanny wasn't letting the kids watch tv all day, met (name random mts friend here) for lunch at Cheesecake factory, and then went to Nordstroms to pick up a tie and some new socks for my husband!"
by Kaybs July 15, 2008

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