to shave off pubic hair or to trim to the desired length
I feel a lot better now that I mowed the lawn!

Did you mow the lawn earlier?
by pubeless wonder October 26, 2010
Top Definition
when a girl shaves down there and keeps it shaved.
she keeps her lawn mowed
by Jbob April 27, 2003
mow the lawn refers to the act of sexually stimulating a woman's birth cannon
"dude! did you mow the lawn last night?"
"of course I did, she was so hot"
by Mandrewline May 06, 2013
When some asshole burns up all the green in the pipe with one hit. The opposite of cornering a bowl.
Example 1:

"Dude! Sorry! I didn't mean to mow the lawn but this wind is insane!"

Example 2:

"Hey, you wanna smoke with Franz?" - Dude
"Fuck Franz! He always mows the lawn." - Me
by Mud E York August 12, 2013
when a man or woman hasn't shaved their pubes in a long time, and they grow a bush, and they shave the bush off.
"Damn girl, you're smooth!" "Yeah I know! I hadn't shaved in a while so I decided to mow the lawn."
by coochieman69 May 01, 2010
When you or another person involved smokes all of the pot on your persons, or in your possessions.
"Yo nigga! Let's blaze us a fatty on lunch break!"
"I can't, J-Rod decided to mow the lawn last night!"
by DirtyXVegas December 11, 2008
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