To shave another girls pubes and be happy about it or mowing a girl named "Lan"
"I mow the lawn last night"
by The Lawnmower October 03, 2008
1. to incinerate the entire top surface of weed when smoking from a bowl, thus preventing a second green hit.
light from the side, dude, don't mow the lawn!
by crast March 07, 2006
yam the cat
you mowed her lawn???...ur sick, man
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
to 'mow the lawn' can also mean to take a dump.
not sure where this originated from, but have heard it a few times in London.
"i say, shall we go forth and partake in the quest for punani?"
"yeah mate, but give me five minutes to mow the lawn first..."
by Prem Shah September 14, 2006
Hitting on your friend's girlfriend, or having sexual relations with with a friend's girlfriend
Hey bro' sorry I hit on your girlfriend. I didn't mean to "mow the lawn", or "mow your lawn". Ican't belive my buddy "mowed my lawn" last Saturday night!
by Paul Schultz March 21, 2006

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