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A goodlum is boy or girl that lives in the hood, who is actually a good kid.
The cops stopped and talked to Will today" "They did?" "Yeah, but they realized he is a goodlum and isn't doing anything wrong.
by coochieman69 August 16, 2010
When a place or occasion where a lot of black people show up, when they don't normally show up to a place/occasion like it.
I was at a KKK rally last night and there was a shit ton of niggas there. It was The Black Plague man, I'm tellin ya!
by coochieman69 June 26, 2010
when a man or woman hasn't shaved their pubes in a long time, and they grow a bush, and they shave the bush off.
"Damn girl, you're smooth!" "Yeah I know! I hadn't shaved in a while so I decided to mow the lawn."
by coochieman69 May 01, 2010
When a man/woman shoves his/her arm up their partner's asshole.
"My girl said she wanted to try something new to spice up our relationship, so I gave her the old flagpole sitter.
by coochieman69 May 01, 2010
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