When one trims the top of their moustache, much like riding the razor on top of the moustache
To get that defined look, I had to ride my moustache.
by pseudonym March 30, 2005
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One-sided definition describing the male performer in an oral sex act.
Person 1: "Who wants a moustache ride?"
Person 2: "I do; I want one."
by G-Diddy June 23, 2003
when a babe rides dudes face like a wild pony
yo brenda when you comin ova fo da moustache ride, and by that i mean ride my face
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
cunnilingus performed by a male
Jeff gave Sarah the best moustache ride she'd ever had!
by Pimpinaintathang January 27, 2011
variant of "going the growl" although this maneuver requires one lovely lass upon ones moustache ( or womb broom) in a rug munching manner.
After a lovely evening, I took her home for a moustache ride.
by tronald dump July 18, 2013
when the person giving oral sex has a mustache
Who wants a mustache ride-this is a quote from the nude scene in suupertroopers for the less educated people out there
by fuckingsupercop March 06, 2005
cunnilingus performed by a lesbian with a moustache.
Hey pam! wanna go for a moustache ride?
by steadpuppy July 15, 2011
Oral Sex
Who wants a moustache ride?
by Anonymous May 06, 2003

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