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A person, who likes to play Mouse Hunt, on Facebook, way to much and has no life, and is obsessed with mouse hunt.
Brian : Dude i just caught a 6 oz Zombie Mouse!
Matt : Wtf are you talking about
Brian : don't you know what mouse-r is??
Matt : No....
by Airblastor January 08, 2009
To purposely leave a conversation, or gathering, without notice or intent of returning for at least a 2 hour period.
Man, that guy just mousered me.

source: http://www.donationcoder.com/Forums/bb/index.php?topic=14426.0
by pacifika September 01, 2008
A Mouser is a womans vagina or the hair above her vagina.
"Oi Mary, thats a nice Mouser you have"
by Glen from the fife November 27, 2009
one who has relations with a person of the opposite sex, who is at least 6-12 inches shorter.
Casey became a mouser when she hooked up with Paul S the wrester.
by Paul S the wrestler December 29, 2004
Mouser(n) or (adj): Any person who kisses ass persistently.
On Police Academy 1 & 2, The ranking officer that always hated Mahoney; his side-kick Proctor was always kissing this Lt. ass...constantly.

Guy #1: Damn dude, why you always gotta be a mouser when Chris come to the hood?
Guy #2: Get off that shit man, I ain't mousin' him...dude be drivin' some tight rides yo! He's the man!