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The nipple, usually a womans. Used in slang term as an analogy for sucking a breast
"So how far have you and Jonathon gone?" said an interested friend.
She said timidly, "He sucked the mountain top."
by Pheffercorn August 06, 2007
enthusiastically repeated after any epic story told, a large drink order, an awkward moment or hook up has occured. Also good to use in sexual situations when engaging in intercourse or other shenanigans. Also comes with a high-five.
"i just did the walk of shame home" MOUNTAIN TOP! (high five)
"can i have 3 long islands and 4 shots please?" MOUNTAIN TOP!
by OHYEAAH April 29, 2011
A slang term for breasts used by Jeff Mangum in his hit song "Communist daughter"
Semen stains the mountain tops
by The Chalk Bandit December 19, 2010
When a man ejaculates and the tip of his penis is covered in seamen, thus looking like a mountain top
Dude, she gave me a mountain top.
by Morado Matt June 18, 2010
The belly button of a pregnant woman that is similar to a mountain top
Did you see that woman's mountaintop through her shirt. It was like a third nipple.
by Moscowbear April 27, 2011
The drunkest you can possibly ever be.
"Are you stoopid loose? Mountain Top?"
by Sir Lunatic September 05, 2011
Located in Cashiers, NC, Mountain Top is a private country club where members own property or a mountain house. They have a golf course, a pool, a lake club, and many other facilities everyone can enjoy.
Mountain Top, Oh that's a nice place.
by Evans Carter July 17, 2008