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to be hit right on the very top of a nipple by a dart
Man, I was playing darts with the guys at the bar and one of my friends accidentally mountain topped some guy, he had to go to the hospital to get the dart removed
by ThatGentleman January 25, 2011
someone who gives off a lot of love to the point of romance, you really want to be around them; usually directed at jazz musicians
Man, that new trumpeter from Italy sure seemed like a beautiful cat from our jam session yesterday.
by ThatGentleman October 05, 2011
A power-hungry large ruler who gets what they want when they want it.

A term used to describe a mean-spirited, person who takes pleasure in others suffering.
That damn codankle is gonna overrun our country, taking everything in sight!

You're horrible, that person just gets hit by a car and you laugh?! Codankle!
by ThatGentleman February 12, 2010
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