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A tatoo or a drawing with a symbol of some military unit or branch of the service. Some kind of slogan. Motivation → motto.
"That's screwby motto, bro".
by Yougin June 12, 2011
A small phrase that identifies a brand or a concept.
Intel inside.
Chupa rola e dá o cu. (Portuguese motto about Internacional)
by Tudobala November 14, 2006
A word for creepy, or calling somebody a creeper.
Dude: "Hey bro wanna go stalk somebody?!?"

Bro: "Dude, that's just motto!"
by anonymous7d8wfgwe87e578447hfu January 23, 2011
Agreement with something that was said.
"Spider-Man is such a sell-out, trading his marriage to the devil like that."
by tzch April 14, 2010