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Common misspelling of "moded". Used to make fun of someone after an embarassing situation.
Guy 1 (to Guy 2): "Man you suck!"
Guy 2: ::sob sob::
Guy 3 (to Guy 2): "Moted!"
by Forbo_El_Mysterio July 02, 2003
short for demoted, popular in early 90's making a comeback.
(your friend gets shot down by a girl)"Damn homey you just got moted"
by max powers March 22, 2003
Dissed, put down, proven wrong. Contraction of "demoted". Used in the Bay Area only.
Man: Hey baby can I get yo' number?
Woman: No, but you can get lost.
Man's friends: Ooooooh, moted!
by Joe F November 21, 2004
Short for demoted, synonym of burn. First appeared in California in the 1970s, regained popularity in the 1990s.
I saw you trip over that painted line. You are so moted!
by pedropepe January 03, 2008