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short for demoted, popular in early 90's making a comeback.
(your friend gets shot down by a girl)"Damn homey you just got moted"
by max powers March 22, 2003
262 117
Dissed, put down, proven wrong. Contraction of "demoted". Used in the Bay Area only.
Man: Hey baby can I get yo' number?
Woman: No, but you can get lost.
Man's friends: Ooooooh, moted!
by Joe F November 21, 2004
160 99
Short for demoted, synonym of burn. First appeared in California in the 1970s, regained popularity in the 1990s.
I saw you trip over that painted line. You are so moted!
by pedropepe January 03, 2008
73 36
Common misspelling of "moded". Used to make fun of someone after an embarassing situation.
Guy 1 (to Guy 2): "Man you suck!"
Guy 2: ::sob sob::
Guy 3 (to Guy 2): "Moted!"
by Forbo_El_Mysterio July 02, 2003
31 115