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Geek/netslang for Member Of The Appropriate Sex.
Most people who regularly use the term "MOTAS" are less than successful in their attempts to pick up a MOTAS.
by steev October 05, 2005
A child, around first to seventh grade who thinks it is cool to dress in black, wear dark eye makeup. They don't know what a gothic even is!
Oh my God! that little kid is stupid, and is a pre goth
by steev October 19, 2003
Life of the party, personality that takes over after 5 chuggars of beer, user of horribly cheesy lines, damn attractive; Drunkass dude.
Dude... I think you just turned into a Steev...

Is that Steev, or John talking?
by Steev March 26, 2003
obese, little men running aroung beer brewers, singing about getting high, or being gay.
micheal is a roompa boompa
by steev October 19, 2003
See booshwa
Damn, she needs to shave her beuschwua.
by Steev March 26, 2003
Tall, somewhat lanky, of the Aryan race. Consumes way too much. Has Hyperhydrosis. Anal/Vaginal demons. Sara is girlfriend, her cell is falling apart.
STEEV!!!! Get your cute little butt over here! w00t w00t.
by steev February 18, 2003
nice nickname for femle genitalia; pussy; vagina; vulva
Damn... she had a nice booshwa...
by Steev March 26, 2003
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