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The great white bat which you must bow whenever its name is said.

"-everyone bows-"
by Satty November 14, 2004
Spanish slang for marijuana.
Tengo mota en mi pantalones.
by Satty November 14, 2004
The Korean way of saying bangbangbang.
"Man, I wanna bingbingbing you all night long."
by Satty November 13, 2004
Spanish way of saying bone or boner.

Used mostly to say boner by me.
Nobody wants to see your hueso. :|
by Satty November 14, 2004
Originally created on MSN chats by V, it had to move to mIRC after chats went subscription.

The people who are residence there are known at the Knight family and has been around for over five years.
"Damn, Aino just raided us again. They're too good. :("
by Satty November 14, 2004
The guy who got christened by the queer giraffe.
"Zero is a kewl guy. :>"
by Satty November 14, 2004
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