very,very,very, x infinity losted
moshi mak =p
by mykal March 01, 2004
Top Definition
small town in tanzania, Africa for those of u who dont know where tz is
im from moshi maan
by Macee1234 June 10, 2011
Moshi, mashi or mushi is a sexy looking dude who gets all the bitches, he also has the biggest attraction to chubby dicks.
random chub: Hey moshi, can you draw me a flying laser vagina?
moshi: Sure... you wanna see a picture of my cat first ? :^)
*random chub starts crying*
by m0shi April 30, 2014
mother f**king shit
Yo man! thats so good moshi that you got there!
by M'fer November 13, 2003
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