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it means you are the end all be all of everything.
"I am king shit of fuck mountain"-Mr.Show
by h-lo August 24, 2004
someone who thinks they are more important than they are

someone whose attitude changed after something good or even bad happened
".... and now he thinks he's king shit"

"he's acting like king shit"

"he's just another king shit, so who cares"
by DWatson March 17, 2005
shit that is majorly kingly

from the latin phrase king's shit
i.e That cornbread is the kingshit!
by Kingherb April 09, 2005
To be plenty of steps above all the pettiness and little stuff that can hold you down in life.
Things that a well known, well reputed and respected man does on a daily basis, because he can't settle for no less than that in his life.
To be on the cutting edge on all things important in the hood.
Yo, I'm bout strickly kingshit all day, everyday!
Yamean, that's how bosses do, nothin but kingshit, feel me?
by FREEKEE BANDERAZ215 April 20, 2005
To take the first hit from a bong, usually a gravity bong, where the first hit is most potent.
Dude, I took king's hit off of my buddy's piece and I got so cashed...
by jenou October 04, 2007
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