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ridiculously good looking person;there are not words to really desribe all the traits of a mak.
mak's are the only ones for us!
by ng April 11, 2005
To kiss or make out with someone.
Did you see Josh mak with Tammy last night?
by Bealio February 27, 2006
as another word for "Mac"

A man who generally attracts the ladies like a magnet. He has a magnetism of a pimp minus the money/prostitution.
A guy who walks around around his arms is one mothafucking Mak.
by Mak February 16, 2005
absolutly incredible player of games
ohhhh dude, that guys such a mak
by Mr Makaveli December 02, 2008
To put one's genitals in someone's ear
When you slept over last night, I gave you a good ol' mak.
by Stuart James August 24, 2005
(v) The act of being a ginger fencer. A cute ginger fencer.
He maks really well.
by lollipop920402395 November 21, 2012
Short for Makarov in language used by makarovniks.
mak's are handguns chambered in 9x18, made in Bulgaria, China, Iraq, Russia, and East Germany.
by GunCat August 16, 2004
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