Giving somebody a moses is when you hit somebody with a sheet of paper in the testicles and their balls part each side.
"Wow, you gave me a moses!"
by Kersmith February 28, 2006
A snowboarder in a half pipe just riding down the middle and not going up the sides. Derived from Moses parting the Red Sea and walking through.
Referring to someone snowboarding down the middle of a half pipe: "Look at that Moses!"
by tommct August 15, 2007
king of the fucking jews!
''Moses will you please spare some bread?''said Marry. ''Fuck no bitch I aint gettin you shit you fucking jew!'' said Moses.
by Dusten October 14, 2006
An extremely cool, but difficult way to take a shit.

A moses is when you are freeing the "Egyptians" ... but just before they leave their "prison" you need to flush the toilet. This symbolises the parting of the seas. It is only a true MOSES if they hit a dry toilet bowl, and are then taken away to safety by the returning seas.

Your friends may claim to have pulled a perfect moses, but if there is any scepticism you can always tell by the larger than normal skid mark left on the bottom of the bowl.

This is an extremely difficult move to pull... your timing is critical!
1)WOW!! Look at that skid-mark, that was definately a legend that dropped that MOSES!!

2)WOOOOO!HOOOOO! I just landed my first true-MOSES! A picture of that shits definately going on the net!!
by Clinton Howes February 21, 2008
lee,he is moses but refuses his part in collecting the 10 commmandments, so he is replaced by a ball (which has a mouth and eyes) he is great.we all love moses
hey guys think fast, moses is coming!!!
by sloane and shelley October 11, 2005
everything is fine or good as in there is no problem.
-yo, how was the trip
-it was moses

-you have everything set up?
-yes, yes everything is moses.
by chop88 June 18, 2005
Adjective - Extremely hot circumstances.
Man, it's Moses in this room.
by Mark November 13, 2003

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