A lanky kid who used to have a mop of a haircut.
woah look at that mose!
by Coach Chillilea July 10, 2008
Indentation on your face located just under your nose and above your upper lip. Derived from words mouth and nose.
Over the weekend I went to the salon where they waxed my mose.
by oy! September 11, 2006
An Amount. When typing with T9word on a cellphone, if you forget what word you were trying to say, most or more, and mess up, you get mose.

ie: Something Ari does more than sean
Ari loves Sean mose.
by Aarifckkinelle August 18, 2009
To finger fuck a female.
Dogg I totally moses that girl just now
by DoriginalRhett August 09, 2006
1) A loser, often of near biblical proportions; a person classified as such tends to exhibit a plethora of annoying qualities such as a tendency to high-handed moralising, offering up unsolicited non-sequiturs out of the blue and issuing commandments on how to do things, but without having been given the mandate to do so by neither authority on high nor by election of his peers.
2) Sometimes slight homosexual connotations are attached to the meaning, given its etymological origins: homo was contracted to Mo, then extended to Moses to render a more euphonious word and offer some degree of stealth due to possible censorship and slander concerns.
"Hey, guys, you really shouldn't be eating all that fast food. It could kill you."
"Shut up, don't be such a moses"
or, singing along to a Nelly song:
"Why do I live this way? Hey, must be a moses"
by DURFC March 22, 2005

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