moses (noun):

the act of not ejaculating at all for 40 days and 40 nights straight. Just like moses and the israelites when they wandered in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights.
Hey, i'm going away to summer camp for a while, i think i'm going to try and pull a moses while i'm gone.
by The Grumpy Blumpkin September 11, 2010
One who parts the Red Sea or is the one who produces the Moses Effect. Another way to put it is one who is single at a club and trying to have a good time. He is the man who is dancing by himself in the center of the and is finding himself having more and more dance space around him.
Also one who finds himself surrounded by men dancing with women away from you as to have the girls as far away as possible.
Man 1 - Look at that Moses over there.
Man 2 - Haha! That sucks!
Man 1 - Yeah, what a loser..
by aleams March 16, 2009
men who like going down on women who have their period
Moses did part the red sea
by lizeurd March 24, 2011
He died on the cross for our sins.
Moses helps us get in to Heaven
by UDBalla September 08, 2010
Giving somebody a moses is when you hit somebody with a sheet of paper in the testicles and their balls part each side.
"Wow, you gave me a moses!"
by Kersmith February 28, 2006
1. Somone who likes to eat girls out while there on there rag. derived from moses parting the "red seas"

2. a butch lesbian, aso derived from moses parting the "red seas"
"ewww.. whats that all over your face... moses!"
by Munky88 July 13, 2005
An extraordinary woman who prides herself in her dick-taking abilities in many ways. She is turned on by having sexual intercourse in the most grimy places such as dumpsters and sewers. She is only capable of one position, which is on bottom, otherwise she will kill her sexual partner with her weight. When having intercourse with her one will find that she makes the most extravagant sex noises, her most notorious being similar to a seal barking. She lurks in the back of bars and clubs picking out her drunk prey to take advantage of.
I saw a a moses today, then i threw up and gauged my eyes out
by weji November 29, 2010

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