Like her name, she is unique. A Midian name, Zipporah means “a little bird,”. No matter where she's from, her native language is sarcasm, but you love her for it. She has it all, brains, beauty and a sense of humor. Knowing her is like having your own Sofia Vergara. You can look, but you can never touch. For some girls its Maybeline, but she's born with it. She could rule the world, if she weren't busy being a sexy Mother Theresa. She can make any one laugh, if they're not stupid. All her skills are a 10, including cooking. Her specialty dish is humble pie. She makes it, but doesn't eat it, as it would ruin her goddess like figure. If you know a Zipporah, thank whichever God you believe in. He has blessed you, but not as much as he has blessed her.
Pregnant woman: I just hope my little girl is all a woman can be
Person: You mean you want her to be Zipporah?
by Black Sofia Vergara December 07, 2013

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