A Red haired carrot head. Other Names include: Ginger, Gorgie ginger pubes & carrot head.
"Haha You fucking morange!"
by shay February 25, 2004
Top Definition
Person of Maori or Pacific Island descent with hair dyed an unnatural shade of ginger or blonde. (From Maori + Orange)
"Hey bro what's up with the dye job? You're a morange!"
by Ratski July 21, 2008
To be more orange; to be vibrantly orange
Those drapes are morange.
by frenrik June 07, 2006
1. to eat mexican food
2. to eat a mexican
1. someone: "What did you do yesterday?"
you: "I moranged with Paco"

2. someone: "What did you do yesterday?"
you: "I moranged Paco"
by sealion June 06, 2007
A word that has been created specifically to rhyme with another word.

Often used in lazy song writing when you write yourself into the end of a line that needs to rhyme with 'opus'
p1: I need a word that rhymes with purple...
p2: ...murple?
p1: Nah, I don't want to use a morange.

In "Josie" by Steely Dan, 'scrapple' is a morange:
Jo would you love to scrapple
She'll never say no
Shine up the battle apple
by pdyxs April 13, 2011
The water that collects in trees during a rain storm; When the wind blows, this is often mistaken as actual rain.
Even though the storm is over, you need to watch out for the morange.
by The Connection Center Gnome July 04, 2006
A person who believes nothing rhymes with orange.
Don't be such a morange! Morange rhymes with orange.
by Bob Smackelton June 03, 2015
A word that rhymes with no other word in the English language.
Silver, Purple, Month and until recently orange are/were all examples of a Morange
by Blargonson April 07, 2011
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