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A form of discrimination that is considered racism by some. This form of racism is still acceptable by societies standards and is just as wrong as discrimination against Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Middle easterners. Unfortunatley not much is done to stop this. Red headed children are harrassed at school and even the work place is hostile for red heads. If anybody has a problem with red hair you can come to my house and we will settle it in my front yard.
Racist bully-Hey carrot top! you running from the sun?
Red haired individual-thats gingerism you fucking racist cunt.
*red haired individual proceeds to kick the the shit out of the racist bully cunt*
#ginger #red #hair #racism #discrimination
by K2Tanner September 19, 2007
When Someone discriminates against someone who has ginger hair, or drinks ginger beer/ale to the extreme. Cases have been known where gingers have been placed in a ring, and have a shouting contest at each other. This is known as Ginge-bating. Being called Ginger can also be seen as an insult, and is usually shouted to someone who is not ginger.
"Hey! He's got Ginger pubes!!!" is a good example of Ginger-ism
#ginger #ginge #beer #ale #-ism
by Roobarb January 06, 2007
Gingerism is a new religion in which Chuck Norris is the creator of everything (God) and Gingers are are the original peoples. The Original Peoples (Gingers) created normal people (Non-Gingers) because they were afraid of Chuck and were lonely. The reason that we (Gingers) don't have souls is that we felt bad for Non-Gingers so when we're born we lock our souls in a box and distribute sections of it to Non-Gingers so they can have souls.
Gingerism is the best, most believable religion out there.
#ginger #chuck norris #religion #red hair #awesome
by Vette I etteV November 22, 2010
A new code of conduct measure that serves to protect ginger people in the work place
Some of the misconducts at work are racism, ageism and gingerism
by kaito12790 November 17, 2015
aka fear and loathing of day walkers. Soulless beings that wonder the shaded corners of the earth for fear of freckle breakouts; often pass the disease through sneezing, sharing of ice cream, and gary busey. Once given the disease, also known as gingervitus, it is irreversible and causes a life time of shame and social pariah
If blazing red hair, freckles, and pale pasty skin puts you into a blinding rage, you probably are a Gingist practicing Gingerism.
#ginger #day walkers #freckles #gary busey #gingervitus #shame
by hobart8584 January 30, 2010
The only acceptable form of racism left. The slagging of those unfortunate enough to be born with ginger hair. Ginger
Who would like to join my campaign to globalise gingerism?
#ginger #ging #carrot top #red head #slagging
by teenieb May 08, 2007
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